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If your enquiry is in relation to a loan scenario or a policy interpretation question, please contact your BDM directly.

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Our Broker Service Line

If you have an enquiry prior to formal approval, you can call our Broker Service Line on 1800 627 499.

The Broker Service Line options are:

  • Press 1 - If your call is in relation to a new loan submission or if you require an update on your loan's assessment progress.
  • Press 2 - If your call is in relation to a loan which has been formally approved and is now awaiting documentation.
  • Press 3 - If your loan has been formally approved and you require confirmation that executed mortgage documents have been received and verified.
  • Press 4 - If your enquiry is in relation to scheduling a settlement or confirming a settlement booking.
  • Press 5 - If your call is regarding your accreditation or difficulties using the broker website.
  • Press 6  - Any queries regarding establishing accounts, direct debits, credit card facilities or general banking needs for your client.

Otherwise, please call our Contact Centre directly on 13 14 22.

Email us

For returned document queries, contact

For pre-conditional or post-conditional enquiries, contact

For settlement enquiries, contact 

For build enquiries post approval, contact

For accreditation or broker website enquiries, contact

Live Chat

Accredited Brokers who are logged into our Broker Website, can also access live chat weekdays between the hours of 8:30-5pm.  This live chat will be with one of our specialised Contact Centre employees who can help you with the application status, escalation process & other general enquiries.