Heritage Broker Accreditation Quiz


Now that you’re up to date with our great range of products at Heritage, simply complete the quiz below. You’ll need to achieve a 100% pass rate to be eligible for accreditation.

Question 1

What is the maximum LVR on the Bridging Loan?

Question 2

What is the minimum credit limit on a Line of Credit?

Question 3

What is the minimum loan amount for the Discount Variable Home Loan product?

Question 4

What is the Annual Fee on the Home Advantage Package?

Question 5

Can you make unlimited additional repayments on the Fixed Rate Home loan without penalty?

Question 6

Does the Standard Variable Home Loan have a 100% offset account available?

Question 7

Can you use a Heritage Fixed Rate Home Loan for a construction loan?

Question 8

Are overtime & commission income acceptable forms of income?

Question 9

What is the maximum exposure of the guarantor's security property for a Family Guarantee loan?

Question 10

What is our application fee on our Home Advantage Package?