Fast Track

We'll approve home loans within 24 hours, provided they qualify for our Fast Track criteria. The Fast Track promise applies to straightforward, low exposure loans that are submitted with all the required documentation. By submitting applications that meet our Fast Track criteria below, with all supporting documentation required, then we'll deliver a formal approval within a day. Guaranteed!


What are the Applicant requirements?

  • Australian residents and permanent citizens;
  • PAYG employees;
  • Have been employed for at least one year in current role or with demonstrated consistency in the industry;
  • Not be on employment probation;
  • The application cannot include guarantors (including family guarantors), companies or trusts.

What are the Security and Exposure requirements?

  • Below 80% LVR; and
  • Have either an upfront valuation already completed or an Automated Valuation completed upon submission.

Which types of loans can be considered for Fast Track?

  • Purchase, Refinance, Debt Consolidation or Equity releases;
  • Either Owner Occupied or Investment loans can be considered;
  • Loan can be pre-approval;
  • Cannot be a build loan.

What other criteria do I need to be aware of?

  • Net Servicing Ratio (NSR) must be below 97%;
  • Credit History must be clear and all facilities well conducted;
  • Correct and complete supporting documentation uploaded to ApplyOnline and self-verified by the broker;
  • Comprehensive notes are to be include to allow expedited assessment. 


If you would like more information, please contact your BDM.

All Heritage Products have these great features

  • Interest is calculated daily
  • Direct Salary credit to loan
  • Available for non-residents
  • Transaction accounts which have free transactions
  • LMI is applicable when LVR is more than 80%
  • LMI can be capitalised - max 95% LVR for Owner Occupied loans and max 90% LVR for Investment loans
  • Internet and phone banking are available
  • Can switch between all products except into Living Equity and Bridging Loans
  • Repayment method – minimum monthly repayment can be paid at any time during the month
  • Additional repayments can be made, with no maximum repayment amounts
  • Progressive Valuation Fees apply (excludes Living Equity and Bridging Loan) – ask your BDM