Processing Time Frames

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Service SLA's for new application assessment: as at 15 February 19


 Assessment timeframes Standard SLA  Current SLA
Conditional Approval (following receipt of mandatory supporting   documents)  4 working days  4 working days
Approval in Principal (following receipt of mandatory supporting documents)  5 working days  5 working days
Formal Approval (following receipt of acceptable valuation and any/all additional requirements)  5 working days  5 working days
 Post approval timeframes  Standard SLA  Current SLA
Preparation of Loan offer documents (mailed directly to the client following Formal Approval)  2 working days  within SLA
Returned documents reviewed, certified and accepted  2 working days  within SLA
Settlement scheduled and/or completed (following receipt and acceptance of correctly executed documentation)  2 working days  within SLA


Contact options:

For enquiries prior to formal approval, please contact our Broker Hotline on 1800 627 499.

Please contact our Documentation Team for any returned document queries on or phone 07 4694 9146.

For any settlement enquiries, please contact or phone 07 4694 9148.

For any build enquires post approval, please contact