Processing Time Frames

Service SLA's for new application assessment: as at 10 August 2020

 * Pre-Approvals will no longer be accepted until further notice except for the following conditions:

  • Existing Heritage Bank customers
  • Construction portion of a land and build loan
 Assessment timeframes Standard SLA  Current SLA
MDR - confirmation of mandatory supporting documents  1 working day  Outside SLA by 1 day
Conditional Approval (following receipt of mandatory supporting documents)  3 working days  Outside SLA by 1 day
Formal Approval (following receipt of acceptable valuation and any/all additional requirements)  2 working days  Outside SLA by 3 days
 Post approval timeframes  Standard SLA  Current SLA
Preparation of Loan offer documents (mailed directly to the client following Formal Approval)  3 working days  Outside SLA by 1 day
Returned documents reviewed, certified and accepted  2 working days  within SLA
Settlement scheduled and/or completed (following receipt and acceptance of correctly executed documentation)  2 working days  within SLA


Click here to download our 'Broker Loan Structure Guide' to help complete your application.

Quick tips for a streamlined application:

  • Ensure all Evidence of Commitments include most recent month's transactions, account ownership details and current balance/limits.
  • Certify all ID as True & Correct, ensuring the date and signature is included in certification.  Remember to check applicant's names and dates of birth are consistent across all ID provided.
  • Check you've completed the second page of the Package Application Form with card limits and personal details.
  • Don't forget to sign the broker declaration on the front page of the application form and have the customer/s sign the back page of the form.