Current Service Levels

Current Service Levels for new application assessment: as at 6 January 2021

 * Pre-Approvals will no longer be accepted until further notice except for the following conditions:

  • Existing Heritage Bank customers
  • Construction portion of a land and build loan
 Pre-assessment timeframes Current Service Level
Initial review (confirmation of mandatory supporting documents uploaded successfully In AOL) 1 business day
Returned documents for subsequent review   2 business days 
 Assessment timeframes  Current Service Level
Commence assessment (once supporting documents uploaded successfully in AOL)  3 business days
Returned documents received to formal approval  5 business days
 Post approval timeframes Current Service Level
Preparation of Loan offer documents (mailed directly to the client following Formal Approval)  3 business days
Returned documents reviewed, certified and accepted  2 business days
Settlement scheduled and/or completed (following receipt and acceptance of correctly executed documentation)  2 business days


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