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Home Advantage Package
5.79 % PA 6.46 % PA
New 3-Year Fixed In Package Owner Occupied (Principal & Interest) Loans of $150,000+ up to 95% LVR. Package criteria applies.
Comparison Rate* See Comparison Rate warning
Help your client save by packaging their home loan product with a credit card.
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Get up to $3,000 cash rebate^ on LMI as a First Home Buyer

Receive up to $3,000 cash rebate on your Lender’s Mortgage Insurance when purchasing or building your home or investment property. Available for applications submitted between 1 February and 30 April 2024 and funded by 31 July 2024. T&Cs apply.^

Heritage Bank - putting 'People first'

Heritage Bank has grown from our origins in Toowoomba in 1875 to become one of Australia’s largest customer-owned banks. We have branches in Queensland and New South Wales and offer broker services in every state and territory in Australia. Heritage is proudly customer-owned and committed to giving back to the communities we serve.

In March 2023, Heritage Bank entered a new phase in our history, by merging with People’s Choice Credit Union to create Australia’s leading member-owned banking organisation. With approximately 720,000 members, 1,900 employees, 95 branch and service locations across Australia, and more than $23 billion in total assets. 

While we have come together as a single organisation, we will continue to operate under the Heritage Bank and People’s Choice brands for an interim period while we continue our integration process. After that, we will adopt a single new brand.

Why Heritage?

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Current Service Levels
Effective 02 April 2024

NOTE: You will not be able to escalate an application within the advertised Service Levels.

* REFINANCES - see below

These service levels are for new application assessment.

N.B. Uploaded documents received after 5pm AEST will not be counted as received until the following business day.

# Pre-approvals will no longer be accepted until further notice except for the following conditions:

  • Existing Heritage Bank customers
  • Construction portion of a land and build loan
  • In conjunction with a refinance application (Bridging Loans excluded).  N.B. When lodging these applications, they will need to be submitted as 2 separate loans at the same time in AOL with each application referencing each other.  The AIP must include any cash out component for the purchase and be cross collateralised with the refinance.
  • If above conditions are met, the current service level will be 7 business days to commence assessment (once supporting documents uploaded successfully in AOL)
Pre-assessment time frames Current Service Level
Initial review (confirmation of mandatory supporting documents uploaded successfully in AOL) 2 business days
Returned documents for subsequent review 2 business days
Assessment time frames Current Service Level
Commence assessment (once supporting documents uploaded successfully in AOL) - PURCHASES 2 business days
Commence assessment (once supporting documents uploaded successfully in AOL) - REFINANCES* 5 business days
Returned documents received to formal approval - PURCHASES 2 business days

Returned documents received to formal approval - REFINANCES*

   4 business days    

Post approval time frames Current Service Level
Preparation of Loan offer documents (emailed or mailed directly to the client, as per the application form, following Formal Approval) 4 business days
Returned documents reviewed, certified and accepted (we will prioritise certification based on settlement date for purchases) 2 business days
Settlement scheduled and/or completed (following receipt and acceptance of correctly executed documentation) 2 business days

* REFINANCES include top-ups/equity cash out that are not linked to a purchase application.

* Generally, REFINANCES will not be considered for escalations if they do fall outside of SLA, however if there is a time critical element, you will need to refer to your BDM.

What our brokers are saying...


As a Mortgage Broker, having access to lenders who suit my clients' needs both in the short & long term is paramount.  Heritage Bank is one of my main lenders that do suit a lot of my clienteles' needs, and having a really good product suite, along with brilliant Business Development support, has made Heritage Bank one of my preferred lenders for my clients.  On a personal level I also have lending with Heritage Bank and chose them due to their product niches and I can't see myself leaving them for any reason.  My clients also very rarely refinance out of Heritage which is a testament to them as both a lender and a banking institution.  I highly recommend Heritage both professionally and personally.


My BDM & I have developed a great relationship.  His support, receptiveness and willingness to help has made him and Heritage Bank an integral part of my business.  He has always been there to guide and help with applications, scenarios and any aspect of lending that I need assistance with.  He has kept me and my clients well informed of changes and updates.


As a broker, you depend on timely responses & support from your BDM.  My BDM at Heritage has always delivered exceptional service & combined with direct access to the Credit Assessors, Heritage Bank live up to expectations on all aspects in the Broker market.


Efficient timelines & communication is paramount in our business which I have experienced consistently every time which makes the end to end process with Heritage satisfying & rewarding not only for us but for our clients which is of high priority.  Recommend them highly any day.


They have some really good niches and their rates and products are fantastic.  All the customers I have placed with Heritage love them.  The best part of Heritage is the BDM support, a really terrific team of people who go out of their way to assist.

A new era in the Australian banking sector has arrived, with Heritage Bank and People’s Choice Credit Union officially merging on 1 March 2023 to create a new national mutual that offers a compelling alternative to the big banks.